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reTriga Nuclear Research Reactor Control System
  Triga Mark II type nuclear research reactors designed by General Atomics company and TRIGA acronym comes from "Training Research Isotope Production General Atomic". Mark II is a Triga version which has constant core and located above the land surface.

ITU Triga Mark II Reactor, started to serve at 11th March 1979 as 54th Triga reactor at around the World. Past 35 years electronic technology developed very rapidly but Triga control and measurement systems stayed “old fashioned”.

Original TRIGA Control Console (1979)

“reTriga” project targeted to “redesign”; 
1. Power measurement systems (gamma and neutron detection)
2. Thermal measurement (fuel and water temperatures) 
3. Reactor control rods electromechanic system, 
4. Neutron source electromechanic automation
5. Reactor pool cooling and water purification systems
6. Pneumatic transfer (Rabbit) system
7. Central beaming transfer system
8. Radiation area monitoring remote data collection system
9. State of Art reactor control console 
All systems listed above totally redesigned and produced by Turkish engineers and academicians. 

reTriga project is a very successful “Industry – University cooperation” example and important milestone on establishment of “Local Neuclear Electronics Industry” in Turkey. AIM Energy who is located in ITU Ari Technopark, cooperated with ITU Energy Institute on design and application of developed systems.

New reTRIGA Control Console (2016)

reTriga Project has been funded by Turkish Republic Ministry of Development and TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

TRIGA Reactor in Kansas / USA
Cherenkov radiation from core during full power operation

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