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AIM Energy is the technology development company who focused in Nuclear Energy & Instrumentation Technologies and applications.

Founded in November 2011, in the ARI Technopark of Istanbul Technical University.

AIM Energy was focused on energy storage technologies development at first place. Lithium-Ion based electrical vehicle battery management systems. First external Project has been taken from Tofaş-Fiat who is the biggest automobile manufacturer in Turkey. AIM Energy has designed a “LFP battery monitoring and balancing circuit for Tofaş-Fiat. Project has been successfully accomplished and delivered to Tofaş-Fiat in July 2012.

“LFP based 48V DC telecom type battery pack" design project has been started in January 2012 and finalized 2013 with the support of “KOSGEB R&D Innovation program”.

AIM Energy has designed "Active cell balancing based BMS for EV battery systems" by taking TUBITAK TEYDEB 1511 support program

Telecom Battery Management and Monitoring System "Telco BMS/BIS" has been developed by AIM Energy are in test sites TURKCELL and VODAFONE. AIM Energy "Battery Technologies department has been divided and placed into new company "Batkon Battery Control Technologies Co." at February 2017.

AIM Energy started to diversfy to Nuclear Energy sector with the project "reTriga - Digital Control System for TRIGA Mark II type Nuclear Research Reactor" supported by TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507 program. AIM Energy renewed the control system of Istanbul Technical University Triga Mark II reactor by cooperating with ITU Energy Institute. After a successful development and implementation process between 2014-2017 control system of Triga Mark II reactor replaced with brand new "ReTriga" digital control system fully designed and implemented by AIM Energy.

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